Tim Tebow Confessions

Tell me anything that you would like to "confess" about what you think about Tim Tebow, it can be uplifting, weird, honest, funny maybe a little mean. Only the really strange or malicious ones will not be posted. I will not tell the world it was you that said it and if you want to make sure of this you can always submit confessions anonymously. Also two things: If the confession is really long I might put some of it in the picture and some it right below in text, because it won't fit well in one picture. The second thing, if you want to ask me something you can't do it anonymously because I only want to answer things privately.
Side note: If any of the pictures I use are your pictures, as in you have copyright to them and want credit, please message me showing that they are in fact yours and I will give you credit. Those only apples to the photographer not anyone who edited them after it, many pictures I get are take from somewhere that was taken from somewhere that was taken from somewhere...you get the point. But If you have the copyright, I will gladly give you credit.
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